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Accomodation at the Nürburgring

Accommodation at rooms 4 ring is an exciting and relaxing stay in the immediate vicinity of the lengendary and historic race track. Our stylishly furnished accommodation at the Nürburgring offers vacationers all the comforts you desire. Our rooms are equipped with televisions and comfortable beds for you to recover. Our rich breakfast is served to you at the beginning of the day, which will strenghten you before you take a long hiking trip or spend the day at the Nürburgring.

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In our accommodation at the Nurburgring racing teams and racing fans regularly spend the night, as well as nature lovers who look forward to a long and extensive hiking trail through the upper Eifel. We are looking forward to make our accommodation at the Nürburgring as unforgettable as possible for you and your friends. We look forward to an increasing popularity and are already booked up quite early for upcoming events, so please book your accommodation as soon as possible at the Nürburgring in our guest house. We look forward to meeting you and are happy to assist you.

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