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Neuer Weg 4 53518 Quiddelbach, Germany View on Map

Discover our newly renovated rooms

Founded in 2000 at the Nürburgring board one more time has now redesigned. Already in 2009 we have made some changes to the rooms. And now also the beginning of 2014 got this one touches. The single room has been completely redesigned. It has been equipped with new wallpaper and new furniture and now shines […]

The sun is back at the Nurburgring, perfect for your stay in the guesthouse Rooms4ring. Because there are good rooms at fair prices!

Finally the gray weather is skewed and the Eifel and the Nürburgring shine in beautiful sunlight. You can feel directly the growth in visitors to and at the Nürburgring. If you are planning a weekend to spend, then our rooms have liked to use as a place to stay. These were renovated this year (2014) […]

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